About Soothing Visuals

Hello! Guessing by the name this is a photo blog  YAY! Currently I shoot with a Canon SX510 HS in natural lighting (That will change when mama gets some more money and experience). The whole reason I started teaching myself about photography is to learn how to express my artistic abilities through taking pictures and editing rather than drawing and painting. I feel serene when I’m outside walking around,  just taking pictures and just enjoying life. My ultimate goal is to travel the world take as many pictures and really just explore. Photography allows me to venture out and really unleash my artistic tiger in a way I’ve never known. That’s why I’m here, to share what I see and not to be selfish with my findings and hopefully you’ll like it and join me on this journey in discovering myself.

Who knows maybe my sappy story can inspire someone.

“Live in the Moment, Make Lasting Memories and Be you”


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XOXO – Tyler Campbell (:



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